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Costing Creativity: The Integration of Art Therapy in Existing Services

This Conference was held:

on Thursday 28th September 2000, 9.00am-4.00pm,
at Ballyearl Arts Centre, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland.

Red button CONFERENCE RATIONALE (or why now?)
Recent State Registration of art therapists in 1997 has important implications for employers. Coupled with the exciting possibility of recognised Postgraduate Art Therapy training in Northern Ireland in the near future, it appears an opportune time to hold this event.
Art therapy is a recognised approach demonstrated by research to be effective in promoting well-being and therapeutic change. As such it can be an integral part of an organisation's provision for clients in the areas of physical, mental, social and spiritual care.
The Conference will enable delegates to make considered decisions about:
  • the development of an art therapy service within existing provision;  
  • sponsoring future training of staff as art therapists.

    The Conference aimed to:  
  • increase delegates' awareness of the nature of art therapy and its professional practice;  
  • develop knowledge about evaluation methods and research;  
  • enhance understanding of art therapy's relevance to organisations and individuals.

  • Employers and potential employers of art therapists.  
  • Administrators, decision-makers, training and financial managers in the voluntary and statutory sectors.  
  • Representatives of organisations whose clients or client groups could benefit from art therapy provision.  
  • Organisations as potential sponsors for staff to train in art therapy as part of continuing professional development.  
  • Potential students of art therapy.

    Red button PROGRAMME

    Thursday 28 September 2000

    9.00am - Registration and Coffee

    9.45am - Introduction: Caryl Sibbett, NIGAT Chairperson

    10.00am - Dr Diane Waller, President of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) & Chair of the Arts Therapists Board

    10.40am - Coffee

    11.00am - SPEAKERS

    The following speakers were introduced by Caryl Sibbett, Chair, and gave affirmations of the value and effectiveness of art therapy in their specific contexts:

  • Ruth Leitch, Senior Lecturer & Head of Continuing Professional Development, Graduate School of Education, The Queen£s University of Belfast.
  • Peter McNulty, Principal, Christ the King Primary School, Omagh.
  • Dr Siobhan O£Connor, Consultant Psychiatrist / Psychotherapist, Down Lisburn Trust.
  • Judith Lee, Director of Education, Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health.
  • Oliver Brannigan, Chief Executive, Probation Board for Northern Ireland.
  • Dr Aileen Redmond, Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

    12.15pm - Summation: Caryl Sibbett, Chair NIGAT

    12.30pm - Lunch

    2.00pm - WORKSHOPS

    Workshop 1 - Art Therapy Research and Evidence-Based Practice of Art Therapists - see below for details
       Dr Katrina Collins, Research Psychologist

    Workshop 2 - Integrating Art Therapy within Existing Services - see below for details
       Dr Diane Waller, President of the British Association of Art Therapists & Chair of the Arts Therapists Board
       Eileen McCourt, State Registered Art Therapist

    Workshop 3 - Creating Therapeutic Change Through Art-Making - see below for details
       Alice Graham, State Registered Art Therapist and Psychotherapist
       Caryl Sibbett, State Registered Art Therapist and Counsellor

    Workshop 4 - Make Your Mark - NIGAT: Initiating Art Therapy for Children in the North-West - see below for details
       Mary de Courcy MacDonnell, State Registered Art Therapist/Team Developer, Make Your Mark - NIGAT,
       Norah Nevin, Childhood Fund Support Worker,
       Elizabeth Fielding, Senior Social Worker for Early Years, Foyle Health & Social Services Trust,
       Martina Storey, Development Officer, Make Your Mark - NIGAT

    3.15pm - Plenary: chaired by Caryl Sibbett

    4.00pm - Closure; Tea / coffee

    Red button WORKSHOPS

    Workshop 1: Art Therapy Research and Evidence-Based Practice of Art Therapists
       Dr Katrina Collins
    Research has become an essential part of professional practice as greater emphasis is placed upon accountability and evaluation. Art therapists, like other professionals, have been engaging in a culture of research and evidence-based practice where the integration of clinician and researcher is encouraged. This workshop aims to explore issues surrounding research in art therapy and will examine methodological approaches to research design, analysis of data and pathways to dissemination of research information and its application to practice. Leading contributors to the academic arena of research in art therapy will be discussed and examples of research studies will be presented.

    Workshop 2: Integrating Art Therapy Within Existing Services
       Dr Diane Waller & Eileen McCourt
    Participants will be encouraged to explore the implications of introducing a new service into an already existing structure. Opportunities and obstacles envisaged in such a venture will be examined and discussed in the pursuit of creative solutions. The content of the workshop will be tailored to ensure maximum relevance to participants£ needs and working situations.

    Workshop 3: Creating Therapeutic Change Through Art-Making
       Alice Graham & Caryl Sibbett
    This workshop will include illustrated case studies on art therapy with adults of all ages in diverse contexts, such as the Department of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Prison Work, Cancer Care, Elderly Care and in the Community. The workshop will promote discussion about the value of art therapy in providing a more holistic approach and enhancing quality of service. It will also explore the value of art therapy in stimulating therapeutic change to enable clients, as appropriate, to gain new perspectives and new ways of taking action to stimulate movement through their situation; to discover, adapt and utilise personal resources and abilities; to engage more effectively within the system and to move through the system more rapidly.

    Workshop 4: Make Your Mark - NIGAT: Initiating Art Therapy for Children in the North-West
       Mary de Courcy MacDonnell, Norah Nevin, Elizabeth Fielding & Martina Storey
    The workshop will trace the development of an art therapy service from varying viewpoints £ innovator, funder, referrer and developer. Stages and processes will be outlined and inherent problems and opportunities highlighted. This workshop will appeal to those who are interested in fresh initiatives and the possibilities offered by working in partnership.


    Registration closed on Friday 8th September 2000.

    Joining Instructions
    The Conference was held on Thursday 28 September 2000. Registration was held between 9.00am - 9.45am. Joining instructions, travel directions and maps were forwarded before the commencement of the Conference.

    The conference organisers tried to allocate participants with their first choice of workshop, but allocations were made on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Additional Information
    If you have any questions regarding the content of the conference please contact Eileen McCourt. Telephone 028 9033 3332 or 028 9031 3158 (office hours).
    If you have any queries regarding registration and other administrative matters please contact the Administrative Officer at
    028 9036 6680.

    Further Information
    Venue: Ballyearl Arts Centre, Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
    Date: 28th September 2000
    Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm
    Fee: £70.00 (included lunch, coffee and documentation)
    Organiser: Eileen McCourt, Vice-Chair NIGAT. Tel: (028) 9033 3332 or (028) 9031 3158 (office hours)

    Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact:
    Administrative Officer, Short Course & Professional Development Unit, University of Ulster at Jordanstown, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim BT37 0QR
    Tel No: (028) 9036 6680. Fax No: (028) 9036 6060
    . Websites: SCPDU Conferences or SCPDU homepage.

    Red button FEE:
       £70.00 (pounds Sterling)
        - included: lunch, tea/coffee and documentation.

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